Getting my Blog Popular

August 29th, 2007

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My blog is up for a week, but it is still not even listed at Google or Yahoo!. So I decided its time to dig a little bit deeper into the magic of getting traffic to my site.

First thing, I turned on the pinging service of my WordPress installation. Thus, all new posts I create are sent to a number of blog server and search engines.

Second, I installed the Google Sitemap Generator plugin which transmits a new sitemap of my blog to Google every time a new post is written. Next, I got my blog registered with Yahoo! as described by Darren Rowse.

What’s left? Write good articles and do some social engineering. They say it’s good to leave comments on other blogs which link to yours, get other bloggers to recommend you, post in forums,things like that.

If you want to dig yourself, the following things will get you started:

How do i make my blog popular?

“Help me, my mom is my blog’s only reader!” -By Darren Rowse