Griffin RocketFM for Linux

December 8th, 2007

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After switching to Debian I wondered what it will take to get my RocketFM radio transmitter working. After a first try was not successful, I let it rest for some time. Last week, I got it working and it was not hard after all.

Check device

  1. Connect the RocketFM to your machine.
  2. Open some alsa capable device Gnome Sound Preferences (gnome-sound-properties) like Skype, or xmms. In the output device configuration you should find something that says “USB Audio” or similar. This shows you that the device was correctly recognized.

Use device

  1. If you use Gnome open the Gnome Sound Preferences (gnome-sound-properties) and select USB Audio for all categories which should output the sound to the RocketFM (e.g. Music and Movies). Under Default Mixer Tracks leave the default setting (mine is Intel ICH6 (Alsa mixer)). That should do it.
  2. For configuring the device in the alsa configuration by hand (e.g. for xmms), I had to use hw:2,0.

Now I can stop using these long cables at home and do not need to worry about audio connections available at the next location I want to provide music for. ‘Cause a radio is available in every house :)